net mobile AG is a leading international full-service provider for mobile and interactive value-added services. Founded in November 2000, the company is seen as an innovation leader on the market and its full-managed service approach includes consulting, design, applications, content, billing, transport and technical implementation for optimal, multi-channel marketing campaign management. Further more net mobile AG offers Apps for smartphones and e book services since 2009. As a partner to all the major music labels and the owners of rights for the film, television and games industry, net mobile AG also ensures full content and royalty management. Its more than 500 customers world-wide include national and global mobile telecommunications providers, media companies, portals, branded companies and TV channels for which it provides end-to-end mobile interactive TV services. first:telecom GmbH and MINICK AG are subsidiaries of the net mobile AG group of companies. Since December 2009 NTT docomo is major shareholder, owning more than 80% of net mobile shares.

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