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A major player in the mobile phone and interactive technology industries, Digital Virgo develops its expertise using high performing marketing and relation solutions in order to formalize customer needs and implement hosted multimedia services. With expertise in the field of content and technical solutions, Digital Virgo not only covers the entire value chain from putting together/creating content, distributing, billing but also the promotion of services and CRM for retaining audiences and increasing the ARPU: Mobile marketing solutions as well as mobile ads offering advertisers and agencies a communication channel with attractive benefits (promotion, retention, sales campaigns); Multi channel relational solutions using intelligent networks; Entertainment services – B2C (chat, customization, downloads, mobile games etc.); Solutions for developing a recurrent audience (entertainment, activities, quizzes, interactive services etc.); The development, hosting and operation of mobile platforms as a «one-stop provider» (SMS/MMS) including the supply of services and content, especially for carriers; Micropayment solutions integrated in more than 14 currencies in a single platform. The international dimension of the group is consolidated by leading positions in every market in which Digital Virgo is present. The Group is equally owned between the management and 21 Centrale Partners that has been managing private equity funds with assets of approximately € 1 billion.

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