Ensygnia (www.ensygnia.com) is the mobile interaction company behind the breakthrough Onescan omni-channel app. Onescan enables mobile payments online, in-store and on-the-go and has applications for log-in, authentication and mobile identity. In the payments world it allows customers and prospects to go from looking to buying in under 10 seconds.

Ensygnia's patented technology platform and service enables any connected device with a camera to interact and transact with any connected device with a screen. The company raised a total of $3.3m in its seed funding stages. As well as its investing management team, the company’s investors include Jesus College Cambridge, Rhoddy Swire of Pantheon Ventures, and Telefonica through its Wayra Business Accelerator Academy.

Ensygnia's two granted UK patents for the Onescan process cover both log-in and payment applications. It has recently filed patent applications in 59 countries worldwide.

Ensygnia web: http://www.ensygnia.com/

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