Zed is the number 1 global mobile monetization company focused in Mobile Advertising and Marketing. Its proprietary technology platform connects the multinational with a large number of mobile networks and carriers from all over the world to provide mobile clients with customized solutions and services. Proprietary analytics allow highly certain targeting due to detailed insights into mobile customer behavior. In a fast paced and growing sector, Zed stands out for being in the vanguard of technology, constantly innovating and adapting to current tendencies offering customized solutions both to business and final consumer.

Our geographical presence currently holds operations in 65 countries of 5 continents, including Europe┬┤s largest markets, U.S.A., China, India, Russia and Latin America, with headquarter based in Madrid, Spain. Nowadays Zed has more than 1,000 employees being 50% of them dedicated to R&D. Zed products are available to more than 380 million potential consumers through exclusive agreements with 130 wireless operators and media companies all over the world.

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