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Established in 1998, MT2 - Mobile Technology Tomorrow - is today the largest Media/Mobile Entertainment company in Middle East with Physical Operations in Lebanon, UAE, KSA, Kuwait and Bahrain and with connections to 33 Mobile Network Operators in 14 countries and 50+ business & marketing partners, developing a revenue of over 20M$/Year. Known as the preferred mobile payment/monetization partner in the MENA, MT2 is growing from strength to strength and we are trail blazing the path to success and global expansion.

MT2 and Qualcomm signed an MOU in 2012 aligning their mutual interest in expanding Middle East ecosystem of mobile software development using Qualcomm technologies; apps2you: MT2's subsidiary dedicated for mobile apps development, was recognized at the Telecom Review Summit Award 2013 for "Best Mobile Application Developer".

MT2 provides many other competitive advantages through its exclusive know-how, in-house solutions and technology, property content, controlled media channels and mobile/digital advertising. Our reach and expertise ensures that business growth is delivered to all partners by minimizing time to launch and go to market as well as retain cost effectiveness. Also known as “School of VAS” MT2's executives are perceived as mentoring milestones in the Telecom and Mobile industry in the region, and we aim to replicate our success in emerging and developed markets.

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