Acotel SpA, from which the Group takes its name, was the first company in the world to develop an SMS information service. This service, launched in 1997 in collaboration with Telecom Italia Mobile and known as ScripTIM by Acotel, brought mobile telecommunications and media together, offering cell phone access to real-time news coverage from the ANSA press agency.

We have moved on since the launch of ScripTIM by Acotel, in 2009 becoming once again the first to offer mobile banking services, thanks to an industrial agreement with the Intesa Sanpaolo banking group, which has given rise to the joint venture, Nòverca Italia.

Since our stock market listing in August 2000, we have continued to achieve earnings growth and expand geographically: today we generate the 73% of our 110 million euros (FY 2011) overseas, where 76% of our 477-strong staff operate.

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