Titans Group

Present in seventeen countries in Latin America, Titans Group is a Brazilian company with more than ten years of experience in premium value added services for the Telecom and ISP markets.

Due to its unique proposition, Titans Group is able to manage core services under a creative and profitable model, effectively converting costs into revenues, bringing to partners important business lines with proven high ARPU.

Moreover, Titans Group is an innovation-driven company, constantly introducing new models, solutions, services and products in three main segments: Personal Cloud, Learning and Security.

Titans Group has established a consistent hub across the American region, addressing the entire value chain under a 360o concept. Titans Group manages over ten million customers in the region, providing services with proprietary technology and others built through solid partnerships with leading companies such as McAfee, English Town, Serasa Experian, Inter Partner Assistance and others.

Headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil and with offices in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Guatemala and Dominican Republic, Titans Group is formed by 120 collaborators, constantly investing in research, development and innovative sales, distribution and promotion solutions.

Titans Group is currently managing core premium value added services for the major telecom and ISP groups in Latin America: America Móvil, NET Brazil, Oi, Vivo/Telefónica, Globo.com, IG and UOL.

Titans Group web: http://www.titansgroup.com.br

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