MassiveImpact is the world’s leading mobile advertising platform, operating in five sites across the globe and reaching more than 1 billion mobile internet users, from 190 countries.

MassiveImpact's real time performance (RTP) approach enables advertisers to acquire new customers by targeting specific users , based on their actual conversion history. Traditional mobile ad solutions focus on conventional mobile marketing based profiling methods that typically ignore 98% of available data; TargetAdLive®, MassiveImpact’s flagship product, utilizes all available data to rate each user’s likelihood of purchasing the advertised product, guaranteeing a much larger sales volume.

With its pure-performance approach (CPA) , MassiveImpact’s advertisers pay only for delivered results, thus they incur not risk on their end and are able to maximize mobile marketing budgets.

MassiveImpact is backed by strategic investors in the mobile space, including: SoftBank, SingTel, and Gemini.

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