Fortytwo Marketing

Fortytwo Marketing is one of FORTYTWO Group’s subsidiaries which was set up with the intent to provide international and local marketing solutions.

At Fortytwo Marketing, we pride ourselves in creating solutions, which provide reliability and ease of use.

Our marketing solutions range from online marketing, marketing over social networks to mobile marketing. The initial product portfolio includes mobile marketing solutions which can be availed of through accessing our client web interface and our product – Messito.

Moreover we also provide Bulk Voucher printing for Mobile Network Operators. Unlike the typical scratch cards, commonly used for prepaid subscribers to top-up their mobile phones, our Bulk Vouchers are more ecological, cost-effective, flexible, full-colour and provide more ease of stock control.

Embracing FORTYWO Group’s value of Integrity, Engagement, Passion, Innovation, Collaboration and Quality, Fortytwo Marketing is committed to provide efficient and intuitive marketing solutions to customers around the globe.

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