Neomobile is a global Mobile Commerce Group at the forefront of the new mobile ecosystem.

Established in February 2007, Neomobile is today a global leader in Mobile Entertainment, highly visible in Europe, Latin America and India, with an offer portfolio able to meet and exceed its customers’ demands for all access devices, from feature phones and smartphones to PCs and tablets.

Neomobile is also a leader in Mobile Payment, offering its Onebip solution and its mobile advertising know-how to web and mobile merchants in 70+ markets.

One of the key assets is a very distinctive approach in media communication, based on a strong mobile and web advertising know-how, from digital entertainment to online payment.

With 250 professionals, experts in mobile, Neomobile is headquartered in Rome, with offices in London, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Istanbul, Belgrade, Reus, Berlin, Mumbai, San Francisco, Mexico City and São Paulo. Neomobile is an active member of MEF, MMA, IAB, the Italian AssoCSP, the Spanish AESAM and the French Geste.

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