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Terra Networks, S. A., usually referred to as "Terra", is an Internet multinational company with headquarters in Spain. Part of Telefónica Group (the former Spanish public telephone monopoly), Terra operates as a web portal and/or an internet access provider in the U.S., Spain, and 16 Latin American countries. Terra was publicly traded on NASDAQ under the symbol TRLY and on the Spanish stock market under the symbol TRR.

Terra is the largest Latin American online media company, ranked as the 31st most popular internet destination in the world. Offering Entertainment, News and Sports to the 70 million people who visit its portals monthly, Terra was named by Fast Company in 2011 as one of the most innovative company in the music area, "for a multipronged, and profitable, music-focused content model".

With 70 million unique visitors per month, Terra is present in 17 Latin American countries as well as in USA. It has offices in cities such as Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre (BRA), Buenos Aires (ARG), Santiago (CHI), Lima (PER), Bogota (COL), Mexico DF (MEX), Miami and New York (USA). Among Terra's most successful products and channels are Sonora (music) and Terra TV (premium video content) and the Planeta Terra annual music festival.

Terra Networks Mexico web: http://www.terra.com.mx/

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