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Indosat is the leading telecommunication and information operator in Indonesia which provides cellular service, both prepaid and postpaid, through Indosat Mobile brand product, IM3 powered by Indosat and Indosat Internet, fixed telecommunication services such as International Direct Dialling (IDD) 001, IDD 008 and FlatCall 01016, fixed wireless and fixed line; and also fixed data communication service including internet; through the submarine and land cable fiber optic, microwave radio, and satellite through PALAPA-D Satellite and PALAPA-C2 Satellite.

Indosat has also the subsidiaries namely Indosat Mega Media (IM2) and Lintasarta. Indosat’s shares have been registered at Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX:ISAT) and shares in a form of American Depositary Shares registered at New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:IIT).

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